Palazzo Pitti Florence

Palazzo Pitti, extraordinary wealth within walking distance from the bed and breakfast in Florence Duomo View

The Palazzo Pitti is a veritable museum complex contained within a sumptuous and magnificent house in the historical centre of Florence.

The interior environments houses a priceless collection of paintings, sculptures and art objects arranged in five different museums.

The museums of the Palazzo Pitti

Palatine Gallery and Royal Apartments: located on the first floor (piano nobile).

The Palatine Gallery houses the magnificent Picture Gallery (Quadreria) with about 500 works chosen among the masterpieces of the main Medici collections, with paintings by Raffaello, as well as valuable works of the greatest European masters from the Renaissance to the Baroque among which Botticelli, Filippo Lippi, Tiziano, Van Dyck, Caravaggio and Rubens.

The Royal Apartments occupy fourteen boardrooms, located in the right wing of the palace. They housed the Grand Ducal families of Medici and Lorraine, and, since 1865, also the rulers of the Savoy Royal House (from which they are named) during the brief period when Florence was the capital of Italy. The rooms are lavishly provided with furniture from the Medici collections, Lorena and Savoy, from the 16th to the 19th century.

Gallery of Modern Art: on the second floor of the Pitti Palace, with a rich selection of paintings and sculptures that from the beginning of the 19th century comes to the ‘30s of the 20th century. There are the Neoclassicism by Canova and Mengs, history paintings by Hayez and Ciseri, up to the important Tuscan painting core of Macchiaioli painters, with protagonists like Fattori, Lega and Signorini.

Treasure of the Grand Dukes (known as Silver Museum): on the ground floor and mezzanine of Pitti Palace, it occupies the summer apartment of the Medici family. It preserves the precious “Treasure of the Medici”: vases in semiprecious stones, rock crystals, ambers and ivories. The silverware come from the so-called “Treasure of Salzburg” namely, from the collections of the bishops of Salzburg brought to Florence by Ferdinand III of Lorraine. The museum also houses an important collection of jewels made between the 17th and 20th centuries and a significant section dedicated to contemporary jewellery.

Museum of Fashion and Costume: it is located in the Palazzina della Meridiana leaning the south wing of Pitti Palace. They are part of its clothing collections and fashion accessories from the 18th century to the present as well as famous stage costumes worn by famous movie actors and theatre performances. Extremely rare and valuable is also the dresses exhibition of the 16th century worn by the Grand Duke Cosimo I de’ Medici, his wife Eleanor and the young son Garcia.

Porcelain Museum: it is located at the top of the Boboli Garden and it is housed in the 18th century house known as the ‘Knight’, conceived by the Medici family as “delights casino”, in which the Cimento academicians gathered (the first association of scientific studies inspired by Galilean method). In it there are exhibited beautiful porcelains collected throughout Europe by Asburgo-Lorena, together with collections received in the Savoy Treasury from dwellings of Parma, Piacenza and Sala Baganza in addition to a remarkable number of pieces produced by the Manifattura di Doccia (porcelains known as Richard Ginori).

Our bed and breakfast in Florence Duomo view is just fifteen minutes away from this extraordinary piece of Florentine history, enhanced by the Boboli Garden, one of the most important Italian gardens in the world, completed by a superb collection of statues.

Tickets Palazzo Pitti Museums

There are two types of ticket:

  • A ticket that includes entrance to the Palatine Gallery and Royal Apartments, and the Modern Art Gallery;
  • A ticket which includes the entrance to the Treasure of the Grand Dukes, the Museum of Fashion and Costume, the Boboli Gardens and the Porcelain Museum.

Ticket prices are shown in the museum’s site where it is also possible to buy them online by clicking here >>

During temporary exhibitions ticket prices expected an increase.

Every first Sunday of the month entrance is free to all museums listed above.