Free entrance to the museums of Florence

Free entrance to the museums of Florence 2016

Every first Sunday of the month free entrance to the museums of Florence: you can visit free museums of the Polo Fiorentino and all places of state culture.

In Florence you can take advantage of this unmissable initiative for a visit to:Bargello Museum, Cenacolo di Andrea del Sarto, Uffizi Gallery, Pitti Palace, Garden of the Villa Medici at Castello and that of the Royal Mews and Pagliere, Boboli Gardens, the National Archaeological Museum and the Casa Martelli, Medici Chapels and many others.

It continues even in July the initiative of MiBACT (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism) which provides the free admission to museums and archaeological sites on the first Sunday of the month. This month we celebrate the “Festa dei Musei“, coinciding with the XXIV General Conference of ICOM (International Council of Museums) organized in Milan (3-9 July 2016) for the first time. On this occasion, there will be a big national event with the participation of both state museums but also all public and private organizations who wish to join. The theme that will be at the focus of these inedited two days is the relationship between museums and cultural landscapes, a subject identified by ICOM for Congress in Milan. For this occasion, on Saturday 2nd July, beyond the usual normal working hours, it will be provided an extraordinary opening night at the symbolic price of 1 euro, while Sunday 3rd July, entry will be free.

There will be events for time slots allocated to specific target audiences: on Saturday, families and children in the morning (9.00-14.00: Il Patrimonio per i bambini), curious and passionate in the afternoon (14:00 to 19:00: Il racconto del Patrimonio, Largo all’esperto, Dietro il Patrimonio) and finally the general public in the evening, with events opened to the competition of all the arts (19.00-24.00: Lo spettacolo della cultura); to all categories of the public it will dedicated instead the full day on Sunday (Il Patrimonio per/di tutti), with events focused on the theme of the participation to the patrimony and a wide space will be reserved for all associations of citizens and volunteers who contribute daily to the ” life” and “activities” of museums and cultural places.

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27 June 2016