Firenze Libro Aperto

From 28 to 30 September, at the Fortezza da Basso, will be held the second long-awaited Florence Book Festival: Firenze Libro Aperto. After the surprising success of the last edition (over 30,000 visitors), the Festival comes back with 30,000 square meters of exhibition, while authors, publishers, journalists from all over the world will be ready to perform in almost 1000 high-profile conferences and concerts.

If in the last edition we applied a real revolutionary price policy regarding exhibitors, this year we will continue along the same lines, keeping costs identical or even decreasing them. Therefore, we expect the adhesion of over 400 publishers that, we are convinced, they will be able to conclude the Festival with excellent results as in the last edition.

Program of Firenze Libro Aperto 2018

The theme of the festival will be “Bridges”, because no one is an island separated from the others. The aim of the event is to offer a place where the most different and apparently less compatible experiences can freely know and understand each other. Realities are welded together by a thin thread running along the bridges of time, of space, of hate and love.

There will be a lot of novelties: a comix space even richer, a wide and eclectic kids’ area, a section dedicated to art book publishing houses, the participation of many of the city’s best gastronomic offerings that will make your day even richer in terms of catering and food, never as well looked after as on this occasion.

Even more prestigious and varied will be the Night of Firenze Libro Aperto, where national and international singers will perform, as well as a DJ set for those who want to party until late.

Firenze Libro Aperto is the only national festival to have chosen not to use public funds.

Tickets Festival del Libro Florence Italy

Tickets to access the event can be purchased at the Ticketone and Box office circuits (local and web points of sale).

The ticket will give you the right to participate in the all events of the chosen day, including the great evening of concerts.

Who buys the ticket for the inauguration of 26 September, where Stefano Bollani will perform, will be entitled to entry free for the first official day of the Festival: on Friday, 28 September, as long as he will be present before 2.30 pm.

Ticket price: € 10, except on Friday because, if you make check in before 13:00, you will spend € 7.

The subscription to the 3 days of the Festival can be purchased for € 20.

We wait for you at Palazzo Ruspoli, Bed and Breakfast in Florence centre for Firenze Libro Aperto. We are just a few minutes’ walk from Fortezza da Basso, location of the event, and a few meters away from the entrance to the Cathedral of Florence.


10 September 2018