White night 2015 Florence

White night in Florence 2015 fun that never goes out

This year the white night in Florence 2015 will be magic. On Thursday 30th April, the city streets will be filled of live music with particular components: blues to jazz, but also rock, funk, gospel, reggae.It will be a symbolic discovery of light through the darkness charm of a spring evening. Many the events scheduled: children’s activities, the enhancement of craft skills, the revaluation of the suburbs, the less known places of the territory and the reuse of temporary abandoned spaces.Particularly rich is the program curated by the artistic direction of the Association Mus.E, which will try to involve squares, museums and institutions, giving life to a project that aims to the participation of the entire town, starting from the periphery and pushing the public to the most spectacular manifestation of the historic centre. Do not miss the active role played by boutique windows and commercial centres indoor and outdoor, in addition to the important direct assistance to citizens and associations.An opportunity not to be missed, among entertainment, concerts, food, wine and shopping in the various boutiques and shops.2015 Florence white night is waiting for you!BOOK NOW!

4 April 2016