Tomás Saraceno exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence: Aria

The exhibition by Tomás Saraceno “Aria” is in Palazzo Strozzi until 19 July 2020. The exhibition takes the visitor on a journey of immersive works and participatory experiences between the courtyard and the Piano Nobile of Palazzo Strozzi, enhancing the historical and symbolic context of the palace and the city of Florence through a deep and original dialogue between the Renaissance and modernity: from man to the centre of the world, to man as part of a universe in which to seek a new harmony.

Tomás Saraceno invites you to change your point of view on reality and to connect with such non-human phenomena as spiders, dust particles and plants, which become players in his works and metaphors of the universe.

Carbon emissions fill the air, particulate matter floats inside our lungs while electromagnetic radiation envelops the earth. Yet, a different epoch is possible, an Aerocene epoch – one of interplanetary sensitivity through a new ecology of practice. Ecosystems have to be thought of as webs of interactions, within which each living being’s ecology co-evolves. By focusing less on individuals and more on reciprocal relationships, we might think beyond what means are necessary to control our environments and more on the shared formation of our quotidian. Let the spiderweb guide here.

(Tomás Saraceno)

Tickets for the Tomás Saraceno Exhibition in Florence

The exhibition can be visited every day, including holidays from 10.00 to 20.00.

On Thursday from 10.00 to 23.00.

Entrance tickets can be purchased directly online from the Palazzo Strozzi official website.

Full online ticket (including the presale cost): 16.00 euros.

There are special reductions and discounts indicated on the exhibition website>

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2 March 2020