Florentine football pageant 2019

The Florentine football pageant (Calcio Storico Fiorentino) is the highly awaited summer event organized in a tournament of three games, two preliminary rounds and a final and it takes place on the occasion of the annual celebration of San Giovanni, the patron saint of the city. The four historic districts of Florence challenge. Each of them is assigned a colour: White for Santo Spirito, Red for Santa Maria Novella, Blue for Santa Croce, Green for San Giovanni.

  • On Saturday, 15th June, first semi-final: the Reds of Santa Maria Novella against the Greens of St. John;
  • On Sunday, 16th June, second semi-final: the Light blue of Santa Croce against the Whites of Santo Spirito;
  • On Monday, 24th June, the final during the feast of St. John.

The history of the Florentine football pageant

The Florentine tradition originated in the 15th century, when it was played everywhere and, during the Medici dynasty, were organized challenges similar to those of today. The resumption of play in the 20th Cent. took place in 1930. The matches are held with the costumes of the 16th century to remember and re-enactment of a special moment in the history of Florence. 17th February, 1530, the square of Santa Croce in Florence became the scene of this important challenge by the Florentine Republic Emperor Charles V, when the population besieged for several months by the imperial troops, tried his hand in a game of football, giving the impression not to consider the Empire army worthy of attention.

The games last for fifty minutes. Each team consists of twenty-seven kicking and there are no substitutions. The aim of the game is that the kicking of the two leading teams (by whatever means) the ball to the bottom of the enemy camp and deposit it in the net marking the “hunting”. For each marking hunting teams change of field.As a reward for the victory, the symbolic gesture of the delivery to the winning team of a calf Chianina.

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17 May 2019