Florence tattoo convention 2013

Florence Tattoo Convention 2013

Florence Tattoo, colorful and long awaited Convention dedicated to this particular art, arrives in the territory of Florence in the second weekend of November 2013, on Friday 8, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10.
The sixth edition of the international conference on Tattoo and Body Piercing will be held at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, and it will host more than 300 world-renowned tattoo artists as well as artists who will guide us into the discovery of  a colorful and magical universe.
The event will be hosted on the lower floor of the pavilion Spadolini, where we can watch the shows of the most skilled in the industry and the arrival of the protagonists of "Milano Ink City", from the popular television series broadcast by DMax.
Numerous the events that will keep us company during the entire manifestation: the exhibitions of "Huma Entertainment Show", "Antikorpo" and "Gallo and Raffa".
Also involving the photographic section, with works of "Clod the Ripper" and "Mattia Pirrone".
Particularly important are the performances of "Sana xxx", performer of contemporary dance Butoh, and Alexandre Fuser, with his body modification.

4 April 2016