Firenze Gelato Festival 2018 All Stars

New appointment with the Firenze Gelato Festival “All Stars”: a real challenge among champions, among the stars of Italian artisan ice cream, among those who from 2011 onwards have held high the banner of quality and imagination. The first chef who will qualify for the Gelato Festival World Masters 2021 arrives from the “All Stars” planned at the Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence from 14 to 16 September, which brings together the winners of all previous editions of the event. At the three Florentine days it will participate the champions who were winners after a long selection, passed through the evaluation of technical and popular juries. Each of the ice cream “stars” has been able to impose, thanks to a mix of high quality raw materials, an excellent mastery of the technique and a great imagination in processing the most appropriate combinations. Now, at the Gelato Festival World Masters – the main individual tournament among the best artisan ice-cream makers on the planet, a path with hundreds of trials over four years on five continents – the Gelato Festival brings together and compares all the winners on a single stage from 2011 until today, before crossing the Atlantic Ocean for the American edition, through eight stages across the West Coast and the East Coast.

Tickets for Firenze Gelato festival

Tickets for the Firenze Gelato Festival can also be purchased online from the official website >>

In this way you will avoid any boring queues.

The ticket lasts one day and it costs € 11.42 per adult and € 6.25 per child.

With the ticket it will be possible to taste the unique and original novelties of the proposed tastes, in competition and out of competition; participate in all the reserved events and activities of the Gelato Festival, join the popular jury and vote for the taste that has won you over. As a gift for those who buy online there is an elegant bag of Gelato Festival to be collected at the coffers of the Village.

Program of Gelato festival in Florence

The program of events and activities of the Firenze Gelato Festival in Florence is available on the official website. With the daily ticket you can still access to all events and activities and vote for the favourite flavour that will access the world final.

We invite you to spend a tasty holiday in Florence, at Palazzo Ruspoli, bed and breakfast a few steps from the Cathedral of Florence and the location of the event, with Wi-Fi and buffet breakfast included in the price.

Firenze Gelato Festival


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3 September 2018