Firenze Gelato Festival 2018

The Firenze Gelato Festival will be held from Friday, 20th April to Sunday, 22nd April 2018 at Piazzale Michelangelo. Three-day festival dedicated to the tasting of one of the most popular foods to adults and children. Ice cream was made just in Florence for the first time by the artist Buontalenti during the Medici family banquet. The next edition of this delicious festival is an opportunity to try new tastes.

The Italian and international ice-cream makers will prepare pounds and pounds of ice cream. You can watch an ice cream race, the live ice preparation, take courses to learn how to make ice cream and taste a thousand of flavours.

Tickets for Firenze Gelato festival

Tickets for Firenze Gelato festival can be purchased online from the official website >>
In this way you will avoid any annoying queues.
The ticket lasts one day.

With the ticket you can assay the novelties of the proposed tastes, during and outside competition, always unique and original; participate to all the events and activities of the Ice Cream Festival, to be part of the jury and vote for the taste that has won you more.

Program of Gelato festival in Florence

The program of events and activities of Gelato Festival in Florence is not yet available in the official website. With the daily ticket you will still have access to all events and activities and vote for your favourite taste that will go into the final of a European competition that sees the involvement of other Italian and foreign cities in the Gelato Festival.

Firenze Gelato Festival We invite you to spend a delicious holiday in Florence at Palazzo Ruspoli, bed and breakfast at a short walk from the Duomo of Florence and the location of the event, with internet connection Wi-Fi and buffet breakfast included in the price.

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19 April 2018