Florence design week 2014

Florence Design Week 2014 a new way of conceiving the metropolis

Florence Design Week 2014 is an important manifestation that will be held from 22th April to 1st May and it will involve many areas of the city.

Florence Design will be inaugurated on Tuesday 22/04 at Palagio di Parte Guelfa and it represents a real encounter between the Florentine cultural dimension and news from the world of art, fashion and style.

7 thematic areas multidisciplinary and 6 categories will create real showrooms designed by great designers, which will be located next to immortal monuments and symbols.

Expositions, special projects, exhibitions, activities, conferences and side events will keep us company for 10 days in which we can observe the great beauty of the fusion between the classic and the modern, the traditional and the innovative.

There are many places involved, such as the Complesso delle Murate, the National Central Library, Palazzo Borghese, Grand Hotel Minerva, International Handicrafts Trade Fair, Limonaia of Villa Strozzi.

Florence D.W. 2014 is an essential space for budding designers and schools, with young people from many countries, who can count on the nightlife of Life Night Party.

4 April 2016