Festival dei popoli in florence

Festival dei Popoli in Florence cinematography and society

The long-awaited Festival dei Popoli in Florence, the interesting International Documentary Film Festival returns to the Tuscan capital from November 30 to December 7 next with the 54th edition.An event of extraordinary interest, which will take place in different structures of the city: Odeon, Spazio Alfieri, Auditorium of Santa Apollonia, French Institute and Regional Media Tuscany Film Commission.In the foreground there is the official contest, which will see competing 24 works from various areas of the world, but also special sessions and side events, such as "Panorama", "Etudes sur une ville: Paris", "Father & Son: a journey into the cinema", dedicated to the Polish filmmakers Marcel and Pavel Lozinski, authors who have written more than 50 years of Polish history", "Lontano da Utopia", Tandem Project with documentary – Istanbul Documentary Days".Among the projections we remember that of the opening: "We steal secrets: the story of Wikileaks".

4 April 2016