Exhibition pollock florence

Exhibition of Pollock in Florence appointment with the great art

At the starting line the incredible exhibition of Pollock in Florence, event in calendar from 15 April to 27 July at the Palazzo Vecchio.

An exhibition – tribute to the master par excellence of the action-painting, of which we can admire sixteen works painted in a particular and inimitable style, with an artistic fury unmatched.

It is not a coincidence if the title is, "The figure of fury", which contains this key feature of the American artist, who realized their own masterpieces by moving obsessively and wildly around them.

Among the works on display there are six designs, from the Metropolitan Museum in New York come for the first time in Italy and Tuscany, paintings and engravings, as well as creations made during the youth, at a time when the stylistic characteristics were only sketched.

But the extraordinary exhibition of Pollock in Florence also wants to establish an experiment-comparison with a giant of the past: Michelangelo Buonarroti, studied in young age by the American artist.

An attempt at dialogue between the classical and the anti-form, a relation between worlds, stories and different subjects, for an appointment that already promises to be unique in its kind.

4 April 2016