23 and 24 September 2017 are the European Heritage Days throughout Europe

The initiative of the European Heritage Days is promoted by MiBACT throughout Italy. The theme chosen by the Council of Europe for this year’s edition is “Culture and Nature”. Also in Florence you can take part in interesting events organized in different historical places during your next holiday in Tuscany:

Natural_mente: history, culture and health in … Library
Florence, Marucellian Library
Congress / Conference – on 23rd September 2017 from: 10.00-19.00
The Marucellian Library participates in the European Heritage Days and it will open its doors: there will be guided tours and an exhibition on the grasses manuscript and printing presses owned by the Institute.
The focus of the day will be a conference on nutrition, phytotherapy and nature in collaboration with the University of Florence, the Cerfit and the Luigi Cherubini Music Conservatory.
There will be illustrious personalities of the University with whom the Library Collaborates: Prof. Fabio Firenzuoli, Prof. Lorenzo di Cesare Mannelli and Prof. Gianfranco Gensini.
The curious artist Marco Burchi will make paintings with the land of Florence.

To know the world. A journey through the collections of the Riccardiana Library
Florence, Biblioteca Riccardiana
Extraordinary opening – on 23rd September, 2017from : 15.00-19.00
On Saturday, 23rd September, the Laurentian Medici Library and the Riccardian Library organize a joint event that will take place throughout the day: in the morning at the Medici Laurence Library and in the afternoon at the Riccardiana. From 3 pm to 7 pm, the monumental halls of the Biblioteca Riccardiana will be opened to the public. On this occasion will be organized an exhibition of manuscripts and old print editions dedicated to the theme Nature and Culture. At 5 pm there will be a musical entertainment by the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory in Florence.
For the concert, reservation is required.

To know the world. A journey through the collections of the Medici Laurentian Library
Florence, Medici Laurentius Library
Exhibition – on September 23rd, 2017 hours: Exhibition from 9.45-13.15, Concert at 11.00 am (by reservation)
On Saturday, September 23rd, the Medici Laurentias and Riccardiana Libraries organize a joint event that takes place throughout the day, in the morning at the Medici Laurence Library and in the afternoon at the Riccardiana Library.
The Laurentian Medicean Library presents six manuscripts depicting, at various times, the representation of the known world: from the code of the 9th century, in which ecumenism is represented in rectangular form by the planisphere of the 1543 with the Americas and the indication of the circumnavigation of the globe of Magellan.
Moreover, at 11.00 am, in the Tribune D’Elci, the guitarist and composer Anthony Sidney will perform a concert where he will perform some of his hits.

Culture and Nature. Space around man
Florence, State Archives of Florence
Exhibition – From September 23rd, 2017 to September 24th, 2017 Hours: on Saturday, September 23rd from 15-19, guided by M. Laguzzi and L. Maccabruni at 15.30 and 17.30. On Sunday 24th  September 10-14 guided tours by R. Fuda at 11.00 and 12.30.
On the occasion of the European Heritage Days 2017, the State Archives of Florence adheres to the extraordinary opening, with guided tours to the exhibition, the projection of video material on the themes of the exhibition as well as the history of the cultural heritage preserved in the exhibition, State Archives of Florence.
The exhibition intends to illustrate the modifying intervention of man on the territory, in modern and contemporary times, from the campaign to the urban space, focusing on three main areas of activity: the culture of forest heritage in Grand Ducal Tuscany; the imposing remediation firm of the Tuscan Maremma in the nineteenth century; the work of a great Florentine architect of the 20th century, Leonardo Savioli.

Woods and Bonifications during the Grand Duke’s era
On the forest estate, between protection and exploitation, it will be exposed drawings, plants and documents of the Apennine area and of the Tuscan coastline. (edited by Marina Laguzzi). On recovery of the cultivation, habitability and healthiness of the Maremma area and the Tuscan coast will be exhibited for the first time in the archives of the Cabinet Secretariat of the Lorraine Grand Dukes, plants, papers and documents on the remediation works that were carried out in the 19th century under Leopold II. (edited by Loredana Maccabruni)

The space around man. Drawings and Templates of the architect Leonardo Savioli.
The 20th century, which has seen the growing development of urban centers and infrastructures in the area since the 1960s, it is documented by the work of one of the most illustrious Tuscan architects Leonardo Savioli (Florence, 1917-1982). The main architectural projects, graphic works, educational materials and private documents will be exhibited as the traces of a creative process open to diverse facets: from the humanist matrix to the most up-to-date international artistic and architectural culture. (edited by Roberto Fuda)
For more information on the initiative of the European Heritage Days please visit the website of the Ministry >>

14 September 2017